9 month mark

We have big news this month...we've started crawling!!! Soon after he went from tummy to sitting up, he crawled.  He is fast too. I will run in the kitchen to wash out his bottle and then next thing I know he is at my feet. It makes me really nervous because we have mostly tile floor but he is doing very well so far.  I was really excited that he has reached another milestone but they are all coming so fast. SLOW it down, Vincent.

We also went to see Dr. A for his 9 month well check and he were perfect!  He is weighing in at 21 lbs. , 28 inches long. He is 50% in all growth so right down the middle. He had to get the hepatits B shot but didn't even hardly make a peep.  He is such a good boy and is really setting me up for the next one. 


Another milestone to mark...

Today Vincent and I were having such a great day. It was time for his second nap of the day and so I put him in his crib awake and happy around 1:00.  He usually falls asleep within 15 minutes but as I was cleaning the kitchen I heard him talking and playing.  This is what I found when I looked at the video monitor.
HE was sitting up in his crib!!

Vincent has learned how to sit up from laying down and now when he gets in his crib that is all he wants to do.
He then started to pull up on the rail and so it resulted to lowering the crib
Crib is lowered and now I can relax and not stare at the monitor

I did some research on what to do in this situation because each time I would go lie him down he would just sit back up. I found to just leave him in there and let him play and he would figure out how to lie down again and go to sleep.  After playing for 30 minutes of up and down, up and down he fell asleep! I am afraid that crawling is now soon to follow.


Stinky Pants

Vincent is now 9 months and he really enjoys eating solids.  The only milk he likes is in the morning and then his night bottle. I try to give him bottles in the afternoon and he only drinks around 2 of the 5 ounces.  Doesn't he realize that mommy's milk is like gold? Anyway, he LOVES to eat food so this means he has stinky poops!!!  I mean you walk in his room and you know he has a dirty diaper.  So the other night he was getting ready to go to bed and he had a large poop and you could see it through his pj's in the diaper. Ran and I thought it was so funny so hear are some pictures of his cutie batootie.


Another Milestone

Vincent has started clapping and it is the sweetest, cutest thing. He gets really excited and when I do it with him he just grins from ear to ear. He is almost 9 months, which I cannot believe and growing each day. I will be interested to see his weigh in at the doctor next week. I am thinking he is about 21 lbs. which gets pretty heavy carrying around all day. He is still not crawling, which is just fine with mommy. Here are some pictures of my little prince clapping.