Avocado Face

Tonight Vincent tried avocado out of the mesh feeder and it was quite a mess! He love it though, I think it felt good on his teeth.  Get this, he has 4 top teeth popping through and 3 bottom!!! I also put ice in the feeder and definitely bought daddy and I some time while we ate our fish tacos.
I think I would say he enjoyed it! Love this guy!!!


Valentine's Day

We had a great first Valentine's day together. I gave daddy a picnic blanket but it was a little chilly outside so we had a living room picnic.  Vincent also got some Valentine gifts, he loves books so I got him a LOVE soft book and it tells him all the ways mommy loves him.  He also got a lot of mommy kisses too. We sent out valentines with the picture below.

And for the big FINALE, this is what Daddy brought Mommy back from Aspen for Vday...

Umm...most of you know that I LOVE shoes of most kind but seriously honey what am I going to do with these moon boots? I am a horrible skier so don't feel like I can trot these around in the ski towns or in OKLAHOMA! I will wear them though, as silly as I will look, so hopefully next year there will be another record breaking snowstorm, but for now they are packed away in storage.  Thanks honey for thinking of me while you were away but I believe you had a few cocktails before you went shopping! 


Max and Maris turn 2!

This weekend the Everett twins (Max and Maris) turned 2! This was Vincnet's first birthday party to attend and he loved watching all the big kids! It was at Golds Gymnastics which was a great place for all the kids to run and play.  There was a 3 seat swing and I thought well let's see how you like the swing Vincent, AND he LOVED it!!!

Happy baby!
He was smiling as you can see above and when I would take him out he would turn his head around and just look at the swing. Guess we will be purchasing a swing for the porch this spring/summer! 

Swinging with the big kids! The cutie next to him is Everett Strickland, love him!
I LOVE this age, he is so much fun but I am having baby fever again since 3 of my best friends are pregnant!!!  We are so excited that Vincent is going to have new "Boom Boom" besties for life! Congratulations new Mommas, I couldn't be more excited!


Designer jeans

Today, I finally put Vincent in his designer jeans.  He received them from his Bebe when he was still in the womb and I had forgotten about them.  I put them on him today and he has only a few more weeks in them.  I knew how he felt when I could barely get them buttoned! He is sure stylin' though!

My handsome boys! I LOVE them!!!


Valentine's dessert


We have been getting alot of snow lately so I have been baking, eating, and eating.  Tonight we took dinner to our dear friends, the Roueches that just had baby Sam and I made a cherry cobbler for dessert.  Since it is the month of February, I decorated it with hearts.  This is a super easy recipe and great with a scoop of vanilla icecream!

I'm BACK...

Hello all,
I know it has been a while, only like 8 months!!! This is for you my friend Jamie Judd. She inspired me today to start blogging again so I am going to try to make it a goal atleast once a week. When Vincent is napping I find myself busy doing laundry, making his food, working out, watching TV, researching on the computer, unloading dishwasher, pumping, I could go on and on so now you know why I have been MIA for a few months. I know there are alot of busier moms out there that blog, so it is my goal.
Vincent Edwin is soon to be 8 months old! I don't know where the time goes but I am loving every minute of it. He is now eating all veggies and fruit puree and today we had some chicken and apples which he loved. He really isn't a pi
cky eater, loves it all. One of his favorites lately has been avocado and green peas...yummy! I have been making all his food in the Williams Sonoma beaba babycook which I love. Sometimes mommy helps finish off his foods and I know if it was that stuff in the jar, I wouldn't be licking his spoon.

Vincent eating his apples and chicken today.

Vincent also has 6 teeth coming in. He got his two bottom teeth first, and the top front teeth starting peeking through last week. This week a couple more are popping through. As most of you know his momma has some big teeth so looks like he will be taking after me. Poor guy will have to have some dental work but it will be all worth it in the long run. He will be eating soft finger foods soon once his chompers come in.

He did not enjoy Momma taking this picture!!!