Another milestone to mark...

Today Vincent and I were having such a great day. It was time for his second nap of the day and so I put him in his crib awake and happy around 1:00.  He usually falls asleep within 15 minutes but as I was cleaning the kitchen I heard him talking and playing.  This is what I found when I looked at the video monitor.
HE was sitting up in his crib!!

Vincent has learned how to sit up from laying down and now when he gets in his crib that is all he wants to do.
He then started to pull up on the rail and so it resulted to lowering the crib
Crib is lowered and now I can relax and not stare at the monitor

I did some research on what to do in this situation because each time I would go lie him down he would just sit back up. I found to just leave him in there and let him play and he would figure out how to lie down again and go to sleep.  After playing for 30 minutes of up and down, up and down he fell asleep! I am afraid that crawling is now soon to follow.

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  1. i love that second pic of him!! he's like "hi mama. i'm sitting up now."