Stinky Pants

Vincent is now 9 months and he really enjoys eating solids.  The only milk he likes is in the morning and then his night bottle. I try to give him bottles in the afternoon and he only drinks around 2 of the 5 ounces.  Doesn't he realize that mommy's milk is like gold? Anyway, he LOVES to eat food so this means he has stinky poops!!!  I mean you walk in his room and you know he has a dirty diaper.  So the other night he was getting ready to go to bed and he had a large poop and you could see it through his pj's in the diaper. Ran and I thought it was so funny so hear are some pictures of his cutie batootie.


  1. Haha, poor little guy! He was probably wondering why he wasn't being changed and why the camera was out instead :) This is really funny!

  2. lol thats got to go in the funny babies hall of fame or at least the top 10 funny babies.
    Time top take a shower I think, to much lol ing cya