Valentine's Day

We had a great first Valentine's day together. I gave daddy a picnic blanket but it was a little chilly outside so we had a living room picnic.  Vincent also got some Valentine gifts, he loves books so I got him a LOVE soft book and it tells him all the ways mommy loves him.  He also got a lot of mommy kisses too. We sent out valentines with the picture below.

And for the big FINALE, this is what Daddy brought Mommy back from Aspen for Vday...

Umm...most of you know that I LOVE shoes of most kind but seriously honey what am I going to do with these moon boots? I am a horrible skier so don't feel like I can trot these around in the ski towns or in OKLAHOMA! I will wear them though, as silly as I will look, so hopefully next year there will be another record breaking snowstorm, but for now they are packed away in storage.  Thanks honey for thinking of me while you were away but I believe you had a few cocktails before you went shopping! 

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