Max and Maris turn 2!

This weekend the Everett twins (Max and Maris) turned 2! This was Vincnet's first birthday party to attend and he loved watching all the big kids! It was at Golds Gymnastics which was a great place for all the kids to run and play.  There was a 3 seat swing and I thought well let's see how you like the swing Vincent, AND he LOVED it!!!

Happy baby!
He was smiling as you can see above and when I would take him out he would turn his head around and just look at the swing. Guess we will be purchasing a swing for the porch this spring/summer! 

Swinging with the big kids! The cutie next to him is Everett Strickland, love him!
I LOVE this age, he is so much fun but I am having baby fever again since 3 of my best friends are pregnant!!!  We are so excited that Vincent is going to have new "Boom Boom" besties for life! Congratulations new Mommas, I couldn't be more excited!

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