Vincent's Photoshoot

My Precious Boys

We had Vincent's first pictures taken at 10 days old. These pictures are priceless and Beth Jansen is an amazing photographer. I love her work! She came to our house and was here for over 3 hours. She had me turn off the air conditioner and she brought along a space heater. Our house was 78 degrees and it was 95 degrees outside so let's just say with the temperature and post pregnant body i was sweating my BUTT off!!! I was lucky to have Lacy here with me so she could help. Here are a few of my favorites...

Vincent on a cake stand

His precious smile
And my favorite...


  1. great pics! so excited about your blog!

  2. I was happy to be there... and witness Beth and Vincent in action! It was so much fun! The pictures turned out fabulous!!